About Me

I’m intrigued to know that you are interested to know about me likewise I’m interested to know about you and the fact that we not being friends is as hurtful as it sounds but there is always a way to connect with people and I have found a way for it, it’s mysterious and equally exciting, it is by finding solutions for your problem through the article I write.


The idea of helping people have always exited me in many ways, it is learning I got very early in life when I was a kid with no friends and had no social confidence to make new friends and I was getting constantly bullied and all of this experiences had made me an introvert and I lost the desire of connecting with people, but one day my mom got to know about this and she wanted to change all of this upside down.

she sat me down and asked me what is going on with life, I didn’t wanna talk about it but her skills to make me talk made me talk all about it and she stated and I quote “life is not what others make you feel, it is what you create and you must create happiness for you and for others”. So I started focusing on positive things life threw at me and spread that happiness, Now I’m a very confident and sociable person and speaking to a variety of people over the years and I’ve learnt people carry a lot of problems and getting that burden out of their chest makes them relaxed and happy.

In return for making other people happy I found my happiness and nothing feels more blissful than this, I like to write and writing articles to help people brings a question to my mind like “are you kidding me?” this is 2 best things I like to do and I get an opportunity to do this together. by now you should have got an idea of how I feel about what I’m doing.

Thank you for making it so far on this article reading little about me and keeping the interest alive, your dedication on reading this article makes me smile. And little demographic details are my name is Yousuf Khan and I’m a freelancer blogger/Actor and I am 26 years old. Thank you again for reading I wish you a happy and health life.